Let’s Loop PEI – Clarity Of Sound Is Available Through A Hearing Loop


October 24, 2018.  Have you tried out a hearing loop?  This spring two churches and the City of Charlottetown’s town hall all installed hearing loops, an excellent accessibility tool for those who have hearing loss.  If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity to hear the clarity of sound received through a hearing loop, you should.  You’ll be wondering why hearing loops aren’t available in every public venue.

Hearing loops are widely available in Europe and Australia, and a wave of hearing loop installations have occurred in the last few years in the USA and western Canada.  Every day you can read about venues in North America that have been looped.

In previous postings, you’ve had a chance to read about some of the looped areas.  Here are two more:  the Eiffel Tower in Paris (See https://www.ampetronic.co/Entertainment/eiffel-tower-ampetronic-hearing-loop-technology/24275) and Buckingham Palace. (See https://www.royalcollection.org.uk/visit/the-royal-mews-buckingham-palace/ddeaf-or-hard-of-hearing#/)

Recently I read that the first hearing aid with a telecoil was made in 1936, to make it easier to hear on the telephone!  While the physics involved hasn’t changed, technology has improved.  In a recent article on hearing loops, a good explanation was given on why it’s so popular with those who have experienced it:  “Hearing loop systems take sound straight from the source and deliver it right into the listener’s hearing aid without extraneous noise or blurring. To them, it sounds like the speaker is right in their head. It turns their hearing aids into wireless earphones that broadcast sound customized for their hearing loss.” (See http://otojoy.com/loopsandiego.org/faq.html)

If you don’t have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, you can still access a hearing loop through a receiver.  (See The Let’s Loop PEI Project – How You Can Access An Area With A Hearing Loop for more information.)

Events in Venue Equipped With A Hearing Loop

Two upcoming events at looped churches give you a chance to experience a hearing loop.

CONCERT:  Men of the Harvest’ Concert at West River United Church in Cornwall, Sunday, October 28, 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm (Doors open at 2:30 pm).  Admission: $10 at the door. ‘Men of The Harvest’ is a multi-denominational men’s choir formed in the fall of 2013, under the direction of Bonnie LaFrance. Since that time, ‘Men of The Harvest’ has shared the unique strength and power of the male voice with audiences throughout PEI. Old favourites and contemporary pieces laden with harmony have warmed the hearts of the appreciative audiences.

PRESENTATION: Senate of Canada 150 Medal recipient Pieter Valkenburg will speak about the Borden-Carleton Cenotaph Research Project at South Shore United Church in Tryon, 7 pm on Friday, November 2, 2018 This event is co-hosted by South Shore United Church and Tryon & Area Historical Society.

To learn more about hearing loops, see previous blog postings: The Let’s Loop PEI Project and The Let’s Loop PEI Project – Some Questions and Answers We’ve Encountered. Other blog postings have documented the steps that were involved in ensuring that their hearing loop was installed according to IEC60118 international installation standards.

We’d like to hear from you if you’ve tried a hearing loop.  And we’d like to know what places on PEI you’d like to see looped.  Email us at hearpei@gmail.com or comment on our blogYou can also follow us on Twitter: @HearPEI.

Don’t miss our upcoming events:   

October Chapter meeting:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 9:30 am at North Tryon Presbyterian Church.  Guest speaker will be audiologist Peter Benstead of PEI Audiology, to let us know about the firm’s public information campaign for hearing health.  With hearing loops now being available at venues on PEI, Peter will also let you know how you can have a telecoil activated to your hearing aid.

We will be in Montague on October 27, 2018!  We will have a table at the 7th Annual Learning and Caring for Ourselves Conference, an event hosted by the Seniors Secretariat of PEI on Saturday, October 27, 9 am-3 pm at Montague Regional High School.  See https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/event/learning-and-caring-ourselves-conference-0 for more information on this event.

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