Two and A Half Hours of Being Unable To Hear!

February 2, 2019.  Have you ever wished that your friends and family could spend some time experiencing the difficulty you may have in hearing?  A number of people inadvertently got this ‘opportunity’.

Last week our hotel offered a movie afternoon.  The movie was “First Man’, with Ryan Gosling, which I wanted to see.  I went a bit early to ask if the organizers would turn on the subtitles so I wouldn’t miss any of the dialogue, and I made sure I got a front row seat.  I didn’t have to rush.  While the room filled very quickly, no one wanted to be in the front row, but closer to the back of the room, where the hotel thoughtfully had popcorn and beverages available.

The movie was in a brand new hotel, a sister property to the hotel I’m at, with a state of the art built-in sound system.  So, I was quite surprised to find out that even though I was in the front row, I had great difficulty hearing the dialogue.  “Better get my hearing checked once I’m back home” I thought.

I could hear whispering behind me, but as most people talk through a movie, I didn’t pay any attention. I had to concentrate on the subtitles.

Shortly after the movie started, one of the men walked out of the room.  I figured he went to find a restroom, but he came back with the hotel manager, and they both fiddled with the remote control.  That was my first clue that maybe the sound wasn’t loud enough.  However, there was no change to the sound, and within a few minutes the manager left, and the man sat down.  Another man quietly got up and moved to the front row.  For the rest of the movie, which was 2 ½ hours long, no one made a sound.

When the movie ended, everyone looked at each other.  “Could you hear what was being said?”  It turned out that no one heard much of the dialogue.  “It’s a good thing there were subtitles”, a number of people said.

The interesting point was that, with the exception of the one man who went out of the room to see the manager, no one said they couldn’t hear….until after the movie ended and it turned out to be an unintended shared experience!

Almost everyone in the room was aware that I have hearing loss, and when I didn’t say anything, no one wanted to cause a fuss! It turned out that everyone in the room has some degree of hearing loss and each person thought it was just them that couldn’t hear properly!

You can imagine how relieved we all were to find out that it wasn’t our hearing that wasn’t working.  The sound system for the speakers had shut off during a power outage a few days earlier. This was the first time the sound system was used, so no one in the hotel knew it hadn’t come back on when the power was restored!

And….since only one person spoke to management during the movie, guess what the hotel management thought?  The person who said he couldn’t hear had a problem. It couldn’t be the new sound system, since no one else said anything.  Hmmm….. does this sound familiar?   Would YOU have spoken up?

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