Why Don’t Islanders With CIs Have An Audiologist With The CI Program Come To The Island?

September 10, 2019. At present, Islanders with cochlear implants (CIs) travel to Halifax for appointments with a Clinical Audiologist with the Nova Scotia Cochlear Implant Program.

With so many Islanders having cochlear implants, Joan Gallant wonders why an audiologist can’t come to the Island, instead of everyone having to travel to Halifax, a journey of several hours, for what is usually a 30 minute appointment. “I was hoping that sometime in the future, someone could come to PEI even once a year to see clients even though I know it means bringing a computer and records, etc.  but there are sound proof booths here.  It is very difficult now to go to Halifax for many of us.  The transportation part is much more complicated and for a half hour appointment, an extremely long day travelling.

Joan has put out a call for feedback from Islanders with a cochlear implant.  Here’s her request:  “I would like to try to see what we can do for those with CIs to have someone come to PEI at least once a year to service, check, make adjustments, etc. so we don’t have to go to Halifax.  I wouldn’t mind if we had to all pay something and maybe the government would help.  I had asked my audiologist how many people she thought had CIs on PEI.  She guessed about 115.  What are your thoughts?

It’s a bit puzzling why an audiologist here on the Island isn’t assigned to the program, saving hours of travelling time and expense.  Does anyone have an answer?

Thank you to Joan Gallant for bringing up this issue.  If you have a cochlear implant, please share your thoughts on Joan’s request for input.  You can email us at hearpei@gmail.com or comment on this blog.  You can also follow us on Twitter: @HearPEI

© Daria Valkenburg


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