Be Kind To Your Valentine


February 9, 2020.  Valentine’s Day is in the air. The shops and florists are madly trying to encourage people to splurge on gifts, cards, and floral tributes.  And why not?  I’m a sucker for a romantic card and some chocolates myself!  Restaurants are promoting special candlelight dinners for two.

If you have hearing loss you can expect articles warning you that candlelight makes it hard to see… and therefore hear.  Crowded and noisy restaurants also make it hard to hear.  This year, there’s none of that in this posting.  If you need tips, see last year’s posting:

This year, I want to talk about some of the gifts we may want to give on this occasion.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just for a romantic partner, but an occasion to remember important people in our lives, which can include children, parents, and friends.

Chocolates and flowers are definitely ok with me!  But if you are looking for some other ideas, here are a few:

  • For someone who likes to listen to music while running or walking, wireless bone conduction headphones that do not go into your ears are a winner.  My beloved wanted one of these headphones from the time he read about them. For more information, see

We had ordered one from one company that was not of good quality. They kept slipping off his head.  Of course they were returned. Then he ordered Trekz Air from AfterShokz and loves them.  They stay on his head while he runs and the sound, which is delivered through the cheekbones, is very good.

An essential point of these headphones is that you are aware of your surroundings.  Because your ears are not blocked, you can hear traffic noises.  As a bonus, you don’t do any damage to your eardrums.

20200108_174532 Jan 8 2020 Pieter with bone conduction headphones

Pieter’s bone conduction headphones rest comfortably on his ears, but not IN his ears. (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

20200108_174425 Jan 8 2020 Pieter with bone conduction headphones

Pieter’s bone conduction headphones from the back.  (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

Other gift ideas?  See our holiday gifts video at:

And if you do go out for a Valentine Dinner, pick a spot where noise levels will be reduced, and have a lot of fun.  Don’t worry if you can’t hear everything.  Just enjoy yourself.  Be kind to your Valentine!

CIMG3749 Jan 17 2020 McGuires

My beloved and I with friends in a popular restaurant.  We asked for a quiet spot, and were given a private alcove to reduce the noise levels.  (Photo: D Valkenburg collection)

Do you have tips for Valentine’s Day?  Send an email to  You can also comment on this blog, or follow us on Twitter: @HearPEI.

Reminder: If you haven’t already taken our 10 question survey, Do Others Mumble Or Might You Have Hearing Loss?, please do so.  Here is the link to the survey…..  Thank you to all who have already done the survey! (For more information, see Do Others Mumble Or Might You Have Hearing Loss?)

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